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“side by side” is a non-partisan civil society organization dedicated to providing refugees in Turkey and displaced individuals in northern Syria with special needs the opportunity for a better future. Our mission is to empower them to address their diverse needs and assist them in better integrating into their communities.

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Our numbers speak for themselves!

We are always keen on monitoring the numbers and results that reflect our progress as an organization. We tirelessly strive to ensure more achievements, with a strong focus on motivating our team to reach new levels of excellence and success.

Our numbers speak our language, and we work diligently to inspire and empower each individual in the organization to contribute effectively to achieving our goals and vision. Our constant interest lies in enhancing effectiveness and improving performance, aiming to reach new horizons of progress and excellence.


The beneficiary of computer courses for people with special needs.


Legal consultation


Hotline consultation


Medical equipment


Beneficiary of vocational courses for individuals with special needs.


Participant in activities and events.


Acoustic planning


Ramadan meal


Beneficiary of language courses for individuals with special needs.


Assistance in obtaining a medical report.


Medical appointment scheduling


food basket


Beneficiary of courses for the providers of individuals with special needs.


Government medical examination appointments


Psychological support


Financial support

Refugee news

From the Board of Directors

We are with you in all our efforts

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Current activities and projects

العلاج الفيزيائي
الخط الساخن
الدعم القانوني فيما يتعلق باستخراج بطاقة الحماية المؤقتة
مشروع دينمو
توزيع المستلزمات والمعدات الطبية

الأنشطة والمشاريع السابقة

اقراء المزيد

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