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Disability is not a disgrace

Dr. Raghad Zidan To sensitize the community in the sense of disability and to make it clear that people with physical disabilities are effective and capable of giving, it is necessary to convince the disabled themselves, especially those who have been disabled as a result of an accident and overnight found themselves disabled and unable […]

A new research about giving jobs to people with special needs

For many years, most companies believed that giving jobs to people with special needs was detrimental to the company’s effectiveness and profits. However, over time, many companies found that the opposite was true. Giving jobs to people with special needs was very beneficial for these companies. Accenture said that its sales increased by 28% and […]

A short article on the occasion of World Volunteer Day

The banner of volunteer goodness rose and turned around the lovers of humanity and good… And the tree of good origin and fixed branches in the sky and the fruit of the people and marginalized groups of people with special needs of the oppressed and women, children and the disabled and young people rotated with […]

Dealing with students with special needs

First, it is necessary to identify some of the relevant scientific terms: Morbidity: Measurable organic disease by doctors. Inability: It is when the body members are incapable to perform their functions. Disability: The effects of disability on individual performance in different life and educational situations (not everyone who has an inability or a chronic illness […]

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