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About Us

Who are we

A group of people with special needs made up of refugees, children, elderly women, and youth. We came out of our countries as a result of the wars and the poor conditions. They ran away from death in search of safety, life, and dignity We live in Istanbul, Turkey. We faced problems just like many people and for this reason we decided decided to create the Syrian Special Needs Organization. We made this organization to give us the opportunity to help people, so that they would rely on themselves without any help, which would help them secure a brighter future, allowing them to restore a normal life as much as possible.

Who are we

A civil society organization is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-governmental, non-biased organization that seeks to solve the problems of people with disabilities as well as their families and enable them to participate in the development of their communities also allow them to adopt various rehabilitation programs, including health, education, professional and recreational activities.
As the first institutional entity established and managed by people with special needs themselves, we understand the problems and seek the most appropriate solutions to solve them, taking into account their financial situation and how we can change them from needy and desperate people into them producing, giving, and manufacturing a bright future and social integrity.

Our Vision:

A cohesive society, responsible, involved in community development, and people with active disability contributing to the advancement of society,to the improvement of disabled people’s lives, and to protection of their rights.


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