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Side by Side Special Needs Organization

منظمة جنباً إلى جنب لذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة


The Owners of Inspiration

Hope …Cooperation…Work
The Owners of Inspiration

Our organization launched with the ideas of hope, cooperation and work embedded in our minds and became like a bee cell in Istanbul. This bee cell started swinging in its gardens, parks, and streets, seeking a nectar from flowers and roses in order to pollinate and improve the plant’s state. Similarly, we perform services in order to improve the physical conditions of people. These services resulted in the release of our newspaper in the first month of 2019.Yes, our newspaper site (known as The Owners of Inspiration) launched vigorously, determinedly, and enthusiastically to underline the management and ability to rake stereotypical image around meanings (compassion and charity) and words (Yaharam … poor … helpless … limp … blind … mute … deaf … mute … blind … Wipe …) Shock and stigma … No my friends, reading is not a mark of disgrace … It is an honor … We are not a miracle … We are not silent … We are not blind … ( They do not blind the eyes but they do blind the hearts that are in the chests) ….
Our intention is to see … and our tongues move in our hearts … and push us and our goal moves and it moves the world …… So is the beehive in our organization, the Syrian Organization for People with Special Needs, which was embodied and born in Istanbul, the capital of Islamic civilization in Turkey.
This cell, which opened its doors for all people with special needs regardless of their age,size, or gender. This cell was known in the areas of the city of Istanbul through its appearance in visits, meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences that seek the needs, problems, and difficulties of its members with special needs. Then this cell will try its best and find help and support whether it refers to vocation, rehabilitation, education, development, and training.

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